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The iG:Syntax Hiliter Plugin is ready to be released. Hold on, there’ll be no trumpets, no champagne, nothing. 😉 Just plain sordid affair. 😀
Ok, lets cut the crap. 😀 iG:Syntax Hiliter Plugin is a plugin that I made for highlighting my code & since its a bit of cool thing, I’ve decided to release it publicly. You can download it here & you can see it in action here. If you already don’t know, this plugin uses GeSHi for all of its syntax highlighting. Currently, this plugin highlights HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA & SQL code. More languages will be possibly added in future. Its a bit easier if you just look at the implementation & if you look at the language files, its quite easy to create them if you are familiar with a language. So if you create a language file for any language, you can contact me & I’ll include it in the plugin. 😉

This plugin has been released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 License. What that means is that under the license terms, you can use this plugin where-ever you want, either commercially or non-commercially, change the code, make use of it in your applications, just do anything you want, provided that you give me credit for original code(just a mention of my name & URL is enough 😀 ) & will share your work based on this plugin under a license that’s similar to this license. The Legal Stuff about this License can be found here.