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What’s cooking? Well, I can’t tell you that, its a well guarded secret. 😉

Ok, enough fooling around, well, I’m testing a few things before I roll out the next version. The ASP highlighting is done, the WP formatting of quotes etc. is done. So, now what? If you remember, those are the two things that I spoke of in my last post. So what’s left now, you may ask. 😕

Hmm, well, I’ll rather not disclose it at the moment. You’ll see when & if those things make it to the next release. I’ve thought of 2-3 things to improve this plugin(in addition to those mentioned above) & I’m just tinkering around with them. 😀

Earlier I was thinking of releasing a BETA of the plugin, just to give you guys a taste of what you’ll get, as some of you have asked why I’m delaying the release, but then I thought that I’ll release the stable version only. 😉