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Yes, you read it right. Is 300MB free eMail storage enough? 😕 Apparently Lycos think it isn’t, that’s why, in addition to offering 300MB free eMail storage, they are offering 10GB of storage to paid users. 😯 If you also want that staggering amount of eMail storage, you just need to shell out £3.49/month. 😀 Lycos claim that with 300MB of storage, you can store 3 million text eMails, which is a lifetime’s worth of eMails, reports TheRegister.

Well, I’d say that however much they try now, the attraction & buzz has died down. It did indeed make waves back in April till June, when all of it started with Google announcing the Beta of GMail, offering 1GB & then Yahoo came up with 100MB for free users & Rediffmail with free 1GB storage, but strangely enough, MSN is still sleeping on 2MB of free storage even after announcing to increase that paltry amount to 250MB by summer this year. Someone wake up those guys at MSN, the summer’s long gone, its time they wake up. 🙄

Anyway, so as I was saying, the buzz has really died down on how big eMail box is being offered for free by someone. Most people have managed to lay their hands on GMail accounts & they won’t budge now. 😀
So its like beating the dead horse but maybe Lycos think that they have a chance considering that GMail accounts are still not available to public(I wish it’d remain the same way) & the closest Giant offers is Yahoo! with its 100MB. 😉