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As I was going on about Microsoft’s Philanthropy a few days back, this Reuters’ News Story came up to my attention. 😀

Microsoft has started handing out free licenses of its softwares for cold servers or network computers that are kept off until they are needed. In simpler language, Cold Servers are those computers that are used for keeping backups of Live Servers.

Now this is very very interesting because “FREE” & “Microsoft” are two words that never went down a single path along each other. 👿 So, howcome its happening today? 😕 Wise warriors of IT industry would attribute it to the now hot Microsoft vs Linux duel which is getting hotter day by day. 😉

So?? The question is to those who consider Microsoft an evil enterprise. Is Microsoft not Generous? 😀 😉

But we mustn’t get our hopes too high. 😉