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The vaunted SP2 of WinXP is available for download but there have been some concerns about installing it & some people debating whether its worth the trouble. There’ve always been people who just come against anything but there have been some CIOs too who say that its better to wait & watch for a few days instead of jumping the bandwagon & installing it. 😕

Of late, there’ve been some security concerns relating to Windows & IE and that’s what in people’s minds as to install SP2 or not. 👿

Well, I dunno, I’m not going with it at the moment. I’ll wait for a while, see what others come up with their installs, & then wait for a month for the next issues of the computer & IT mags that I get, as it’ll be in the supplementary CDs of atleast one of them. After all, its a big big download & I’m not in a hurry. 😉