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A security firm named Intego, issued a press release on Thursday, stating that it has found the MacOS-X’s first Trojan Horse virus called MP3Concept or MP3Virus.Gen, though claiming that its benign at the moment, it can pose a real threat in future with more advanced versions of the virus, stating that the current Trojan opens the doors of the city, errr, I mean MacOS-X. 😀

Though Mac programmers & security experts are accusing the company for exaggerating the threat to create a market for their security software, Intego stands firm on what it said & is countering the attack by saying that they didn’t said that the threat is serious at the moment. They say that the threat is benign at the moment but it opens the doors to more serious risks.

The virus emulates an MP3 file & when launched, it accesses certain system files. It exploits the age old vulnerability of Mac operating system, the ability of programs to appear as files with any icon, name & file extension. Thus users can be fooled into executing malwares, making them believe that they are opening documents, MP3 songs etc. 👿

An Apple spokesman said that they are aware of the issue & are investigating into it. 😉

So, beware Mac users, prepare yourself up. You are into the battle now, along with Windows users who are pretty experienced now, having been in combat with Trojans, worms etc for quite a number of years now. 😉

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