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Chicago based Furthermore is threatening legal action against some users of the popular open source CMS Mambo, reports CNet News. The company says that it hired one of the core programmers of Mambo to create a proprietory module for Mambo but the programmer contributed the module to the Mambo project, against the terms of contract.

The module in question, Lead Story Block, allows you to build newspaper like websites using Mambo. Mambo programmers have ofcourse put down the claim as “frivolous and without substance”.

So, what’s on the cards now? 😕

Going to the website of Furthermore, you’ll be redirected to where they’ve put up the news item stating that they are warning users of Mambo(release post Oct 3, 2003) that they are using copyright code without permission, …. blah blah, & the ridiculous thing is that they are asking for donations to support their fight against Mambo(else what’s the meaning of “Support the Cause” on that page?)!! 😯 That is just ridiculous!! A commercial company is asking for donations to fight against a group of open-source project volunteers!! 👿

Well, well, well. The internet & people on it never cease to surprise me. Everytime I’m surprised, I think its the biggest one yet, only to be proven wrong in a short period of time!! 😐 Forms asking for donations for any thing have sprung up on internet like an un-controlled anthrax attack. Everyone asks for donations, even commercial companies who don’t contribute a byte to open-source or who don’t give out a single variable of code for free. These guys are really sick!! If you as a commercial company have to ask for donations to run your business, its better if you wind up & look for something else to sell. :curse:

They’ll be the last ones on earth whom I’ll support, I just don’t give a damn about them. Its all a publicity stunt if you ask me, a way to get cheap publicity & some money(either from donations or from suing Mambo developers or both). 🙄 👿