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A Microsoft executive in France leaked some part(that’s what I believe) of Microsoft’s plans on its venture into the antivirus software market. Now the thing to be considered is, is this a deliberate leak or an accidental leak?:wink:

Anyways, moving onto the news story, according to the reports err the leak I mean 😉 , the antivirus will be a standalone product & not bundled with Windows & it will be built around the nuts n bolts Microsoft got by buying GeCad & Pelican Software, back in 2003.

MAVS(Microsoft Antivirus Software) will use 2 ways of detecting viruses. The first means will refer a regularly updated list of known viruses to check for infection & second means will analyse the machine to check if it had been infected in past & will attempt to give the user an idea of how their computer might be at risk for future problems. The antivirus will not have any firewall built in it. It will work with both WindowsXP & Longhorn. (Is Microsoft going to exclude Windows 2000 from its support, is it on the charts, end of support for Windows 2000 family?:shock: )

Finally, the news story can’t be complete with an official comment from Microsoft on this leak.:wink: So here it is:

Microsoft representatives denied that the leak releases any details that weren’t known previously. :dizzy:

Like they were supposed to say that unknown details have been released.:roll:
Well, lets wait & watch, but frankly, I’m not excited about Microsoft’s antivirus.