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CNet’s News reported that Microsoft has released the code of FlexWiki & licensed it under the open-source Common Public License. 😀

Its to be noted that Microsoft earlier released the source of its WindowsInstallerXML & then released WindowsTemplateLibrary at 😀

Another noteworthy stats are that both WindowsInstallerXML & WindowsTemplateLibrary are among the top 5 percent of most active projects on SourceForge with about 100,000 copies of WindowsInstallerXML & 20,000 copies of WindowsTemplateLibrary downloaded. Microsoft also said that FlexWiki will also be released at SourceForge.

And people say that Microsoft is anti-open source. 🙄 I’d say that its a tight slap in the face of those insolent people who say that. 😀

Way to Microsoft!! 😉