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Really, Microsoft & its Blunders!! What’s new? Well, its not new but I wasn’t aware of them. So if not anything else, its gonna make you laugh & scorn & swear. 😀

Coming right from CNet, here it is…..

Tom Edwards, Microsoft’s top guy for geopolitical strategy team revealed on Wednesday at International Geographical Union congress in Glasgow that how the biggest software company in the world has managed to offend countries & people with its blunders.

8 pixels costing millions of $$
While colouring 800,000 pixels on a map of India, Microsoft coloured 8 pixels in the wrong shade of green that were part of Kashmir. This meant that Indian Territory was shown as that belonging to Pakistan. :curse: Windows95 was promptly banned in India & Microsoft had to recall 200,000 copies of its OS, which cost it millions. All in all, its loss put aside, Microsoft managed to offend one of the biggest countries of the world because of their goofy staff.

Are all women bitch?
In another blunder, the spanish language version of WindowsXP, meant for Latin Americans, gave the users 3 options to select their genders, namely, “not specified”, “male” or “bitch”, because of an error in translation. 😯

Dear oh dear, its really surprising that Microsoft still manages to survive, heck, lead the pack, after making such blunders. :dizzy:

I suggest that you read the full story at CNet’s News Website for more blunders & goof-ups. 😉