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Microsoft is a promise maker & a promise breaker. It promised 250MB to free users of Hotmail by July. But July is long gone & I haven’t seen even an increment of a KB in my storage limit, leave alone 148MB increase. :curse: In short, Microsoft makes promises but not to keep them, only to break them. And they are not new to this malpractice. They are quite good at it & have a lot experience in it. 👿

The latest in the promise offering?
Well, according to this slashdotted story, it seems that Microsoft is planning to put in 2GB of storage for free users of Hotmail, to out-do Google’s Gmail. But I for one, don’t believe it, not until I see the storage limit indicator in my Hotmail account reading 2GB. 😉

Besides, like last time, there’s no official announcement yet on this, so it may be just that, a rumour. 😕

So, ready to rock with 2GB? 🙄