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Now you can use MovableType as a Forum Software too, as per this release by Anil on Six-Apart Professional Network.(via WebLogToolsCollection) đŸ˜¯

Firstly I’d say that the demo looks good, with Forum design taken from phpBB. 😀 🙄

Secondly, I’d like to register my surprise on the extent to which people are crazy. 🙄 I’d like to question MT’s ability as a blogging software, leave alone its acceptance as a forum which may & will get a high amount of traffic.

The hinderance? 😕 Well, it just happens that MT is still limping on its age-old feature of re-building which requires re-creation of all HTML files it has built till date, should there be any new post or comment. Even an idiot can tell how resource hungry this feature is & it certainly has been the object of concern & raised eyebrows in the past & will continue to be in future as well. 🙄 But the people at Six-Apart doesn’t seem to accept the fact that their core technology is out-dated & resource hungry & they should disown it to improve the performance of their software. đŸ‘ŋ But they continue to push their sub-standard software at ridiculously high rates to the users. đŸ‘ŋ

A forum if well popular, receives a lot of visitors & will have a lot of threads & replies. Certainly much more than a Blog will get. And thus it would make MT more of a server killer than a forum software. 🙄 That’s a side benefit no-one ever considered!! If you want to get back at your host, use MT as a forum on your website & popularise it. Soon your host will be begging you to pull that thing down. 😉

Hell, this MT is gonna give vBulletin a serious run for their money, I expect. 🙄
And while we are saying money, lets talk about it. 😀

If I were to set up a commercial forum, say a support forum for my company, the MT license will cost a minimum of $199.95 for 5 users. Translated into Forum terminology, that means 5 moderators/admins. On the other hand, vBulletin, arguably the best forum software around, can be yours for just $160. đŸ˜¯ What a bargain!! :dizzy:

10/10 are the chances that I’d go with vBulletin. If I go with MT, then I must have my brain checked which would result in my admission to a hospital for serious damages to my brain. 🙄