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MT?? Nah, its WP time baby!! 😀
With the introduction of the new licensing structure(read ridiculous) of MovableType, there’ve been quite an uproar in the MT users community. There’ve been a lot of hype about the new features that v3.0 of MT will have but this beats them all. 🙄
This just came out of blue, no one really expected any such thing.
Mena, the co-founder & CEO of SixApart says its about time. 🙄 Yeah, its about time users ditch MovableType & move on to other better solutions. There are some pretty good Blog Scripts available for FREE & equal MovableType’s features & minus its nuisances. The leader of the pack is WordPress, closely followed by b2evolution, NucleusCMS, pLog & TextPattern.

Now, some may say that sky is not falling but some may opine differently on being able to have freedom with a software. 😉
Just looking at the Trackbacks of Mena’s about time, you can get a good idea that it is indeed about time to move on. 🙄
Following that uproar on the announcement, the devils at SixApart tried to do a bit of cleaning & repairing but needless to say that its not going to have much effect. 🙄
What’s already sunk has sunk. There’s going to be a lot of ship jumping & good old Jeremy Wright is already considering it, though for reasons apart the licensing structure. 😀

But there are people who’ve already switched & among them are Mark Pilgrim & Carthik Sharma. Carthik has incidently also written an entry to help other MTers make the switch to WP easily. 😀 Hats off to Carthik. 😉

Now, the most amusing thing I found in all this affair is an entry made in WordPress dev Blog by Matt about MT’s new licensing structure & its subsequent ping/trackback to the official declaration of MT’s new licensing at Mena’s Corner. WordPress Dev Blog’s trackback is 75th from beginning in the long list. 😉
Another surprise from SixApart was that the WP trackback wasn’t deleted. Either they are pretty brave or they simply didn’t notice(c’mon, there were more than 600 pings on that entry). 😉