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One of the earliest Blogging sensations & the most widely used hosted Blog service, owned by Google) will soon be available in your own lingo. Yes, that’s what Blogger Team Member Biz Stone wrote on GoogleBlog.

About time I’d say, this is a great step forward, indeed. Like Stone, I also felt amazed at how so many people from different languages managed to ind their way around with an English only interface. Though I haven’t had the fortune to come across many non-english blogs, but I’ve come across some of them & though I couldn’t understand what they said, some of them looked quite good. So like Stone, I now imagine what would happen if the users can get the interface in their own lingo?? 😕

That would simply be a great boost as they will know what to do with which option more easily & the interface will feel just the back of their palm. 😀 😉