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Ok, a quick post before I go offline for good.
I’ve added 6 more games to the Games Planet. You can see & play them here. 4 are Flash games & 2 are Shockwave games, so be sure that you have Flash Player plugin in your browser to play Flash Games & Shockwave Player plugin to play Shockwave Games. You can get the latest versions here if you don’t have them, they are FREE. 😀
Download Flash Player
Download Shockwave Player

The total tally of games now in Games Planet has increased to 33. Yes, 33 smashing games & guess what, I’ve added download links to all of them, so you can download them all to play offline. Phew!! That took a while to modify 23 odd game entries, but it would’ve been more difficult if I didn’t had PCMS. 😉

On another note, I’ve made a small start to the Tutorials section of my website with an article full of some nifty & damn useful functions. Some good functions in there. 😀 I’ll talk about them a bit later, maybe tomorrow, but they’ve been explained quite well in the article as well. A must check out for ASP developers. 😉