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Yahoo! after announcing 100MB of storage for its free users a few days back has finally made the move. Now the free users get 100MB of storage along with the individual mail size of 10MB. Earlier this was limited to 4MB of storage & 1MB of mail size. This meant that whenever sending any attachments, the total size of the attachments couldn’t exceed 1MB while now this limit has been boosted to 10MB. 😀

Being a Yahoo! Mail user, I’m pretty happy. And I’d say that this is all thanks to GMail. Though even after 2 months of its announcement & being in beta, there’s still no sign of it opening for public in near future. So that 1GB of free eMail is still a dream but there’s relief for others, especially Yahoo! Mail users. Though SpyMac started offering 1GB of free eMail, I doubt if much people use it since its servers remain offline most of the time or they can’t be accessed. And to top it all, they are so slow that it takes a while to open the website even on a 256Kbps ADSL line. There’ve been other eMail providers that’ve started dishing out 1GB of storage, like Lycos UKPlanet Tolkein through its sister website ShireMail, but they are not free. 👿

After Google stormed the free eMail scene with its announcement, Yahoo! & Hotmail, the 2 major free eMail providers, felt the ground sinking below them & sky falling on their heads. But Google said that GMail is still in Beta. So there’s some time before its unleashed. Something had to be done & quick to woo the users before they make the switch. So, its Yahoo! which becomes the first major free eMail provider(I’d consider it first free eMail provider since SpyMac doesn’t exist for me) to do something. It has boosted free eMail accounts with 100MB of storage from a benign 4MB & about 2GB of storage for paid users. It has also introduced the eMail searching facility, enabling users to search for their eMails rather than sort them out, a feature which Google promised & on which it was counting on. A rather bad move for Google I’d say, showing your full hand too early, but who knows, there might be more up Google’s sleeve which none of us know about. 😉

There’s no sign yet from Hotmail of any generosity but then who knows, maybe Microsoft don’t want to boast anything before it does it. 😉 😀