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Well, what can be a better website to get news on latest in Harry Potter than the website of his author, J.K. Rowling? 😀 (link via Matt)

Well, I can’t think of even the Harry Potter website at Warner Bros. website. Its just too slow & I never found any useful info on there, just a load of crap. 😡

So, I think that I’ll be frequenting now for Harry Potter news & when is the 6th book coming out. Heck, I’m waiting eagerly!! 😀 Its kind of un-controllable. 👿

J.K. Rowling has repeatedly said that she’ll not write any Harry Potter book after the 7th one, which will be the last in the series. 😯 I find that hard to believe & yes, I’m not buying that. C’mon, she can’t do that to millions of fans & I proudly say that I’m one of them!! :curse: But well, lets see what cooks up, lets first get the 2 issues, 6th & 7th, then we’ll see. 😀