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Mac users had one advantage over Windows users for years. They’ve been able to run Windows on their Macs using softwares like Micosoft Virtual PC but Windows users haven’t been lucky to run Mac OS on their Windows PCs.
But this situation is no more. There’s a reason for Windows & Linux users to rejoice. 😉 Now they can run OS-X on their PCs. 👿
Don’t believe me? Well, then you should check out PearPC, an open source software project at, its an emulator that can enable Apple’s OS-X & other G3 OSes to run on Intel and AMD based PCs. 😀
A word of caution is that its still not fully stable, it has a few bugs that can prove fatal to your PC & data stored on it. So it is advised by the PearPC development team that you don’t use it on a production machine.
You can check out more of the story at Wired News. 😉