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I’ve been looking at TextPattern & some Blogs that are using it. On one such Blog, I found out that there’s some weird practice going on, so I thought that maybe I should try it out too, since I don’t have much to do at the moment 😐 & the fact that I was going to sleep in a few moments. 😉

  ~  Grab the nearest book.
  ~  Open Page 23 of the book
  ~  Find the 5th sentence
  ~  Post the text of the sentence in your Journal/Blog
      along with these instructions.

From the book Professional JSP 2nd Edition (previously published by Wrox & now by APRESS)

          originated. Line 3, the Server header, tells the
          browser some information about the server
          that generated

Now that was it. Though it doesn’t make much sense, its a sentence from a chapter explaining about the Web Application Concepts in JSP/Servlets. I’ve been reading some topics in the book & it happened to be the nearest one to me, so I posted the 5th sentence from the 23rd page of it. 😉
Sounds weird, isn’t it? What have I gotten into? 😕