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I spent a good part of my time customising the Other Blog Script that I’ve been considering. Then after I got it working on my PC, I decided to go live with it & put it on my webserver.

But this is where things started going nasty. 😈
I uploaded the script alright & started the installation & that’s where I got the first whiff of it. Got 1 error during the first step & 2 in2nd step & 3rd step didn’t run at all. 🙄
I thought ok, no problem, I manually created a table that was left from being created during installation & thought that it’ll work but no, it doesn’t.

Then I integrated a WYSIWYG HTML editor to create & edit posts easily(since this one also doesn’t come with one) & though it worked on my PC, it gave nothing else than errors online. I tried to fix them, since they were sprouting because of the directory path but even after giving the correct physical path(copying it from none other than the results of the
phpinfo() function) it simply refused to work, sprouting errors again & again, for same reason, path not valid.

This thing just puts off & I’m feeling really sulky at the moment, frustrated, aaarrrrgghhhhhh. 😡

So, now I’ve put this on backburner, I’m not going with it in near future. Better concentrate on other important things that are feeling orphaned because of the lack of attention.

But I’ll not leave it, I’ll get it to work, however I accomplish that.