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In a latest announcement, Verisign, the keeper of all .COM & .NET domain name registries, announced that from September 8 2004, it’ll put into place a new feature that will reflect changes in the domain names within 5 minutes of them being applied by the registrars. Currently it takes about 20 hours for the changes to be reflected & hence its quite a pain in the back when moving a website from one server to another. 😡 But that’s all going to be history after September 8. 😀 With this new system in place, you will be able to move your websites from one server to another with virtually no down-time. This also means that a new domain is ready to go as soon as its regsitered. 😀 This is all too good to be true for those who’ve like me, suffered the long lapse of time before DNS zones are updated world-wide after changing the servers of a domain name. 😉

More details can be found at Verisign’s Announcement page & Verisign has also published a faq regarding the system.