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SharpReader, the great free RSS Aggregator software by Luke Hutteman is more sharp now. 😀 As of now, the v0.9.5.0 is available for free download at I’ve been using v0.9.4.0 till yet & haven’t upgraded to v0.9.4.1 but now have done so without any problems. Just a matter of copy-pasting the files. I avoided the installer which is available with this version. 😉 Just downloaded the ZIP file & extracted them to my SharpReader folder. That’s all. 😀 Since I didn’t delete or un-install the previous version, I didn’t loose my old settings & feeds too, but nevertheless, I made a backup of them as I’ve learned that it can be quite a pain in the back to remember-search-subscribe again to the 50 odd feeds that I read presently. 😉 So I had the feed urls ready in an OPML file as well as the SharpReader settings so that I don’t loose preserved feed entries. 😀 But never got around to use that backup since the new version didn’t mess with the old settings. I think that I’ll keep that backup for another 2-3 days & if nothing messy happens with SharpReader, I’ll just delete it. 😉

Good time for those who wanna change their RSS Aggregator. SharpReader is one of the simplest & no-nonsense RSS Aggregator that I’ve seen. Does your work without any troubles, unlike most others who try to impress you with super-cool interfaces & useless features that you never use. 🙁