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When every software in use is having a difficulty with hackers, why should Winamp, undoubtedly one of the most used music players, stay behind? As per this story at The Register, Winamp 5 suffers from some flaws which allows hackers to write skins for it in such a way that users are forced to visit a malicious website & then, its their PCs which are skinned. 👿

This flaw is also there in the 3.x series, though I’ll be surprised if I find anyone still using the 3.x series. It was a known fact that the 3.x series sucked the memory out of your PC while running & was crash happy. I for one, downgraded to v2.77 & only upgraded when v5 was declared to be much better than v3, but that’s another story for some other time. Right now we are dealing with Winamp security & bugs, so lets continue… 😉

So, this bug is widely in use & if you are using Winamp 5 or 3( 😯 ), I recommend that you upgrade to Winamp v5.05 immediately. 😉