Smell Mail, Sniff It!!

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  1. I too heard about that. It looks & sounds good but quite pricey at the moment. At $250 a piece, it sure is a thing you don’t fool around with.

    But I think that when it comes out in market & people start buying it, the price will certainly go down. 😀

  2. $250 a piece!! That’s pretty much expensive. I can buy 2 more than decent inkjet printers with that much money. 😉

    And I’m not sure that the price will really come down a bit after its launched in the market & if it takes off. On the contrary, the price may go up if it gets popular. 👿

  3. The technology will not allow you to mix terribly offensive odors because the cartridges are preloaded with a controled limited amount of primary fragrances. The cost of a Scent Dome will come down over time. The near end applications are Education, Online Aromacology,Multi-Scensory marketing and Gaming ect..

  4. Well, there need to be some protection in the Scent Dome itself as if a signal is passed to it to create a particular mix, it will be made, as the Scent Dome can’t smell it, it doesn’t know what’s a bad or horrible smell. Smell or Fragrance is an intangible thing, you can’t touch or see it, its got no physical shape or appearence, you can just feel it. 🙂

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