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A market dominated(or should I say monopolised) by Unix/Linux until now, may not be the same in next 2-3 years. Microsoft is planning to take its war with Linux into the next level by moving up its efforts to make Windows for the hi-speed data crunching monoliths, shortnamed Super Computers. 😉 
Presently, if you want to have supercomputing simulation, you create a cluster of high performance computers & to get all that computing to work, Linux was the obvious choice. Techies around the world would instantly say “Linux” if you ask them for an OS to run on their clusters.
Now Microsoft is also going the cluster way, with its High Performance Computing for Windows Server 2003. 😀
One of the key benefits of this will be that connection between the big bird(the cluster or super computer) & the workstations running Windows will be smooth & easy. 😀 Until now, creating the bridge between Linux Server & Windows Clients had been tricky, a bit difficult, & dependent on 3rd Party tools.
Well, until anything solid is released, I’m not looking further in it. It still is a concept that hasn’t yet materialised. 😉 But you can read up the full story at CNet’s if you desire. 😉