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Following Google, many have turned to the path, some fully, some partially. 😀 Now, its time to move on. 😉 Since Yahoo! became the first major FREE eMail provider to increase the storage space, that it offers, to 100MB from 4MB, its RediffMail which has taken the plunge as first major FREE eMail provider to offer 1GB of free storage with 10MB of attachments per message. In its course, it has also become the first Indian eMail provider to offer 1GB.

Until now, it was Indiatimes Mail that was providing the maximum amount of free storage in India, 6MB to new users & 10MB to old users. Though its riddled with SPAM followed closely with its ridiculous SPAM prevention & the fact that it cut down the storage space from 10MB to 6MB for new users signing up, the relief has been for users already having the Indiatimes Mail accounts, since their quota wasn’t reduced, Indiatimes Mail has been fairly popular & many users have Indiatimes Mail accounts, Indians being in majority. 😀

But now the focus again shifts on RediffMail which when it was launched a few years back, created a buzz with its tagline

the lightening fast eMail

and ofcourse it opened up lightening fast even on slow dial-ups. 😉 Now it’ll again hold the center stage for quite some time until Indiatimes Mail, the only other major Indian FREE eMail provider, increases the amount of space it serves. 😉

Cheers to RediffMail. 😉 😀