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Ok, so I too got it. Yes, now I have a GMail account, many thanks to Dennis. 😉
So, 2 of my free eMail accounts have a total worth of 2GB. You can add a 100MB free Yahoo! account as a small fry to it.
As I ranted earlier, Rediffmail has started offering 1GB free storage & I’ve been using a free account of Rediffmail for the past 5 years. And now I’ve got a GMail account too, meaning that 2 accounts, 2GB of storage. Plenty for warez, eh? 😉 Just kidding, I know I’ll never use up more than 10-20MB but its a nice feeling, knowing that you have the space for whenever its required. 😀

Now I’m looking forward to doing some real tests with my GMail account, moving from basics up. But what I found surprising was that GMail doesn’t work in IE6. 😡 What a shock!! 👿 I had to fire up FireFox to log in to my account. I wonder why Google are playing like this with people’s emotions. 😕 Majority of internet surfers use IE & most of them are still on 5.x browsers. So, does Google expect them to switch over to other browser just to use GMail? Well, if that’s what it is, then I’d say its pretty lame strategy. With big guys of free eMail market pulling back, it GMail is already in a severe competition & they don’t expect to win in a consumer dominated market by imposing restrictions & making people do what Google want. 🙄

Make no mistake, I’ll be pointing it out to GMail staff, no matter if its been reported earlier. Just to see that it sinks in. 😀