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I’m now in a serious dilemma now. I can’t seem to make my mind up. Now that I’ve got WordPress 1.0.2 up & running on my PC(earlier I wasn’t able to install it, some faulty code in the script, which I commented to install it & then uncommented it back), I’m testing & tweaking it.

So, what’s my dilemma? Its that I can’t seem to decide whether I stick with bMachine that I’m currently using or move on to WordPress. Ofcourse, the latter has quite a lot of features when compared to former. Its just that I spent a lot of time customising this script & now I’m spending it on WordPress.

Its not only the matter of features but also of being stable. There are quite a few bugs in bMachine that I’m finding as I’m using & which I didn’t find during my hose down of it.

Also, there’s a security issue that had arised but now its resolved, without any official support. The support for bMachine is very very limited with lesser number of experienced guys & more number of novices. And, no one’s heard from the developer(he’s a school kid & the lone developer) for more than a month now. The last time he was around, he mentioned something about his exams going on, so that’s no fault of his. Maybe he’s still busy. 😉

WordPress on the otherhand, is quite a thriving project, gaining momentum day by day, supported by hardened coders. 😀

Seems like I’d have to move on. 😉 I’ll have to hack WordPress quite a bit though, before its fit for my usage. Since, among other things, it doesn’t have any WYSIWYG editor for making/editing posts, I’ll have to rig one myself, just like I did in bMachine. There’s no hack available for this in both cases.

I’m thinking of using SPAW editor in WordPress, unlike the heavily hacked up version of htmlArea that I rigged up in my bMachine. But again, there’s some problem with the PHP version of SPAW editor. It doesn’t work like its ASP.NET version.

It seems like that my life is nothing but full of woes & problems. 😉