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Mark has setup a nice service for all of us. 😀 Its UploadBin. 😀 😀 Yeah, you can upload your files to this place & have them password protected. You just have to browse a file on your computer that you wanna upload, supply a password to protect it & off you go. Once your file is uploaded, a link is given to you. Just send that link & password to someone with whom you wanna share the file & (s)he can download the file by supplying the password on the page that opens at that link. 😀 Your file is good for 1 week after which its deleted. 😉

Cool, eh? Yes, that’s pretty cool enough for sharing files with someone quickly & privately, if you or the recipient don’t have enough space on your website or in your Inbox. 😀

Great work there Mark, thanks. 😉

For those who wanna give it a spin, I uploaded a simple text file with just 1 line written in it. Its just 8KB so I hope Mark doesn’t mind. The link to the file is & the password is amMe123 & its case-sensitive. So those who wanna try this, try it before next 7 days, as after that I assume the file will be moved off to a more peaceful place. 😉