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A technical preview or in other words, a Beta of the much awaited SP2(Service Pack 2) of WindowsXP has been released & is available at Microsoft website at & its a fair sized download, about 270MB. 😉

The final release is expected around November this year, so this Beta can be expected to have quite a number of bugs. 😉
SP2 detects Norton Antivirus if its installed & does automatic virus updates. But 2 good improvements that Microsoft has brought about in SP2 are, an improved firewall(that was just a basic firewall until now) & due to popular demand, a pop-up blocker in IE. 😀

The firewall is now turned on by default & lets you choose which programs should be allowed access to Internet which should be restricted. It pops up a box whenever a program attempts to access Internet but this feature is still quite buggy, allowing Opera to access Internet without any notification. 👿

So, anyone who wants to try the new features, go ahead & try it out but be warned:
This is Beta Release & may contain bugs, so its not recommended for use in production environment.