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As per this news story at Wired News, the long awaited Service Pack 2 of Windows XP has been released but its not available for download yet. Weighing around at 80MB, big boss Bill Gates said that it barely changes 5% of the OS. Well that’s something, we can always trust Microsoft to come up with something like that.
Further, the news story continues that making the SP2 available in 25 languages will take another 2 months, it’s available it’ll be available in English only at the moment.

Well, I don’t care about that since my OS is in English & I’ll definitely be getting the English version of the SP2.

So, all ye guys, pack up your bandwidth & get ready to roll as soon as its public.
But I’m thinking of not downloading it. My poor line will snuff it with that much load. Besides, the traffic will be immense at the beginning, meaning low speeds. I think I’ll wait for the next month’s issues of the Computer & IT magazines that I get. Its a safe bet that more than one of them will have it in their supplementary CDs. 😀 Why waste precious bandwidth on a thing which you can get on a CD for free within a few days month. 😉