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Wired News has opened up a new column, Sex Drive with Gina Lynn. 😀 And no, in case you getting excited, its not Gina Lynn the actress, as the author rightfully explains. 😉

I am not Gina Lynn the actress. I have never been involved with any of Miss. Lynn’s films, nor are we related in any way other than sharing the same name. (Assuming, of course, that Gina Lynn is her real name. It’s on my birth certificate. Has anyone seen hers?)

Well, I’d say its better she bursted the bubble of hope at the early stage before anyone got a heart attack later. 😉
This column will be about SEX, yes, but Sex & technology of Sex which drives our lives.
Quoting the author
For you newbies, think Sex and the City, only smarter. This is sex and the internet, sex and science, sex and the digital world. It’s the sex of technology and the technology of sex, two of the most powerful forces at work in our modern lives. It’s the foundation of a social revolution.

It certainly would be quite interesting to see, err, I mean read what she writes in this column every Friday, as she says

Join me each Friday for an inside look at the Sexual Revolution 2.0. I’ll validate your fears and probably make you laugh. I might make you uncomfortable. I might turn you on. Now and then I’ll reveal exactly how I know what I know.

Kudos to her. 😀 😉