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Microsoft has reported a loss of $164 million on a revenue of $583 million in its The Home and Entertainment Division a.k.a Xbox division, in the first quarter of 2005, says Digit Online News. It says that its better since it saw a loss of $204 million in the first quarter of 2004 over a revenue of $519 million. 🙂

I may not be a financial whiz but I know that profits in fourth quarter of 2004 & loss in first quarter of 2005 means something is wrong. 😕 Digit Online News says that Xbox profited by the launch of Halo in fourth quarter of 2004 but then why is there a lack of such titles? Surely, you want to improve on your success, not go down & have losses.

Anyway, I don’t use Xbox, nor have even come across one & I am not a hard core gamer, so, what the heck!! 😀