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GMail users worldwide seem to have noticed the fact that the storage of their free GMail accounts have doubled to 2000MB in last 2-3 days, as you can see from the screen shot of my GMail account. 😀

So, is GMail gearing up for the Public Release? Or is Google hotting up the Size Wars? Its noteworthy that GMail celebrated its 1st anniversary of being in Beta this April 1st. It went live into Beta last April 1st, triggering the Size Wars which saw an increase in free storage by eMail giants like Yahoo! & Hotmail. Yahoo! seems to have however marked Hotmail as its rival & seems to have given up trying to chase after GMail. It first increased the free storage size from 4MB to 100MB but when MSN announced 250MB for Hotmail, Yahoo! too increased its free storage from 100MB to 250MB. Hotmail however offers 250MB only to select users who are from US, UK, Canada & Japan.

It certainly looks like both have given up trying to chase after GMail as its way out of their reach, more so now with its 2000MB!! 😉

Lets see if the Size Wars catch up now & how does Yahoo! & MSN react to this huge increase!! 😉