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I was just sitting idle(quite rare) now that I had some wierd thought about the 9/11 incident of World Trade Center.
The US date format is MM/DD/YYYY, meaning that if today is 9th April 2005, it’ll be written as 4/9/2005, the month comes first & then comes the day. That’s why the incident date is written as 9/11, meaning September 11.

Now if you know, the emergency helpline for any type of emergency in US is 911. And if you remove the seperator from 9/11, it becomes 911, the emergency call number of US.

So, was it just co-incidence or were the terrorists responsible for it aware of this fact & was that the reason they chose September 11 for the attack?

Its possible that someone must’ve noticed this similarity earlier than me but I simply thought of it as my own, sitting just now, because I haven’t read about this similarity anywhere else.

UPDATE(11-April-2005):- It has been brought to my notice that this isn’t some weird thought that I had. This is a known fact & has been discussed several times on major news services after the 9/11 happened.