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Yeah, the Deepawali was a lot brighter this year, the number of fireworks & crackers burnt around here was less than last year & its all quiet at 3am in the morning of 2nd November 2005 as I write this blog post(contrary to the crackers that were being set till 4am last year). There are sounds of one off firework going on in distance, some nutters are still at it, forgetting that deepawali is now over!! 😉

Ok, I did take some photos at my place & then at mamaji’s place, but it was mostly video that I shot than the photos!! 😀 Anyway, you can click the image below(or click here) to see those 10 photos!! 😉

Sky Ablaze

I’m glad that people are getting the sense that fireworks are harmful for environment. Or the number of fireworks is low maybe because of that tragedy a few days back where 3 bomb blasts rocked Delhi & a 4th one was foiled before it proved to be fatal!! I think that in this case we were luckier than the Londoners where 4 blasts took place, while we didn’t allow the 4th one to take place. Maybe because we are used to being a bit more alert(a lot alert than the law & order administrators apparently) than Brits since they don’t have any foul neighbours while we have some of the greatest neighbours in the world, who harbour terrorists, fuel terrorism & then deny point blank to evidence & act as if they are one of the supporters in the fight against terrorism!! 🙄

Anyway, its an occasion of happiness(though I mourn for the victims of those blasts) & lets not befoul it by sparing any thought to the scum of the world!! 😉

As I mentioned above, I shot some videos, 10 infact totalling 442MB, but only 9 will be made available publicly. The one excluded is the 20+ minute coverage of the Laxmi Pujan at my place, but its meant for friends only. 🙂 Maybe I’ll put an abridged version online sometime later, not right now!! 😉

Ok, so videos will be available shortly, as soon as I finish uploading them, they weigh 42.3MB after compressing them into WMV format!! 😉