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How dumb/greedy people can be? Or should I say ignorant? A study by VeriSign revealed that 66% of people will reveal their password to you for a cup of Starbucks Coffee worth $3, reports c|net!!! 😯

People are so ignorant, they just don’t know what can be done with their passwords!!! 😕 Some people said that they were comfortable with revealing their passwords as they aren’t asked to reveal their usernames while other people instead of revealing their password, were willing to give out hints like name of their pet, mother’s name etc.

Its just amazing!!! People don’t know the importance of their passwords & then they are the ones who cry foul when something happens to their online ids, like Identity Theft or anthing else!! I’m not in favour of even revealing old passwords no longer in use, leave alone the passwords in use. Now the reason I’m against revealing old passwords is that you may accidently use them again in future & besides, if you tell the old passwords, a wise person can spot a pattern in them & might guess your next password(the one in use). 👿