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No, its not something you can wear, so don’t get too excited!! Amazon has started a service called Amazon Shorts which will be selling short works of literature by authors & which will be exclusively available on for atleast 6 months(as per the terms of contract), reports Yahoo! News.

The text will usually be the one that hasn’t been published yet & it’ll be both fiction & non-fiction, with a word length between 2000-10000 words. The users can buy them for 49cents each & they’ll be theirs to keep forever, they can store them in their Amazon Digital Locker or email them or print them. But they’ll be only available in electronic form, no print editions.

The interesting thing is that anyone can signup to write them & make money(from royalties ofcourse, just like a book). If you are interested in writing, then you should check out more info on the program. So, who knows, I might try it out!! 😉