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Looks like the leading online bookstore is having some gamely goofups in recent times!! 😀

Last month, they mistakenly put up a pre-order price for Sony’s upcoming gaming console PlayStation3 and then backed off saying that it was merely a placeholder page. Now it seems is the turn to do that with Microsoft’s next generation gaming console Xbox 360. Amazon has been taking pre-orders for the soon to be released Xbox gaming console, which it was expecting to deliver via its partner Toys R US, but now the two companies have sent out letters to everyone who placed a pre-order, cancelling them & apologizing for it, says Daniel Terdiman on c|net Gaming Blog. 😯 The letter was reported as saying:

Due to a system error, we mistakenly listed the Xbox 360 Video Game System you recently ordered as ‘available’ on our web site. We’re sorry, but this item is not currently available. Therefore, we have cancelled your order and your credit card has not been charged.

And whats amusing is that previously Amazon had also cancelled pre-orders for the NintendoDS Game called Nintendogs!! 😉

Looks like things are getting a bit out of hand of the folks at Amazon, they can’t continue to goofup like this or people will stop placing the pre-orders thinking that it might also get cancelled later!! 😀