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Oh yeah, now we have SPAMMER Interviews!! A spammer is telling his(maybe her) end of the story, as to why he(maybe she) spams blogs & websites with comment spam. These spammers call themselves “Search Engine Optimisers” & they do nothing wrong, as per them. A vulnerability is there in the system & they are only exploiting that to their benefit, earning a 7 figure sum for their tedious tasks. 🙄 Besides its fun spamming websites & blogs. 👿

If you look at at one way, they indeed aren’t doing anything wrong. If your house is un-protected, how can you accuse someone of any wrong-doing when he comes there & takes something away? After all, no one’s a saint. 🙄 So the guilty person is you, as you didn’t have any protection against theft. If you had it in place(protection I mean), then the theif wouldn’t have come to your house.

Same is the case with spammers. Your blog is vulnerable, so they are exploiting it. Morality be damned, they just like to earn money & live a good & comfortable life. Why should they care about others’ misery?

And finally it seems that they are getting the attention of media really well. Being interviewed by The Register is no mean feat. 👿 Atleast I haven’t been interviewed by them yet, so it is indeed a big accomplishment. 🙄 So what should we expect next? Star Spammer of the month, Today’s Celebrity Spammer, Coffee with a Spammer(featuring a new spammer every week)? 🙄

I say, just ignore them, don’t give them publicity or they’ll grow fond of it & will want more & others will follow their tracks back. But they should be boiled in oil for 5 days continously at a temperature of around 500’C. 👿