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There’s another feather in Google’s Hat, and considerable increase in the brainpower that Google Inc. wields today!! The chairman of ICANN & a visiting scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Vinton Cerf will start working at Google from October this year, reports Yahoo! News.

Widely regarded as one of Internet’s creators because of his work on TCP/IP(the networking protocol that drives the information superhighway) at Stanford University in the 1970s, the ex-senior VP of Technology Strategy at MCI Inc., Vinton will be working at Google as Chief Internet Evangelist and though he’ll be reporting to Google’s engineering chief Alan Eustace in Mountain View, he’ll be working out of a Virginia office so that he’s closer to home!! The 62 year old networking scientist will be working on developing new stuff at Google, to help them swell their already massive capital!!

Along with other people, I’ve also been wondering & guessing what’s going on behind that thing we know as Google? 😕 It always seem so obscured, what they are planning to do next is always a big secret until they decide that its time to surprise us. And they’ve been amassing a lot of brain power in the recent past.

So, what’s brewing Google? 😀 😉