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The once giant ISP, America on Line(AOL), is preparing another weapon to unleash at the competition, fighting hard to stay in the market. Yes, AOL is planning to release its own VoIP service which will allow you to make calls within US for a flat monthly fee, reports c|net. It has been testing this service for about 1 year now & has already launched it in Canada in last December.

AOL users will be able to make calls over the internet, using an ordinary handset & an analog to digital phone adaptor.

VoIP is fast becoming a mega-bucks industry as the calls through VoIP are a lot cheaper than regular calls & with Connection Speeds increasing, the quality of voice signals in VoIP are also increasing.

But AOL will have a direct competition straightaway with Vonage, the popular VoIP provider which charges around $24/month for unlimited local & long distance calls in US. 😀

I just wish that the things were that good here. 😉