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Following the removal of restriction to register a .IN domain by an individual or company, there’s been a rush to register the good domains. The registrations have been on since January 2005 but it was opened for general masses from 16th February 2005, as the trademark holders were given the opportunity to get their trademark domains registered first.

I thought that it’d be a breeze to get a good domain like but I wasn’t able to get it. 🙁 Its lucky that I was able to get even though I had it registered on the 16th itself. 😕 The registrations were going in phases with the first batch going on in the morning & then the second at night.
Heck, I still haven’t got my ControlPanel for the domain.

I’ll have it pointed at for the time being. Maybe I’ll have something different at it, but not in near future atleast. I’m quite busy setting things straight, now that I’ve changed jobs(psst, I’ll tell more about it later in another post). 😀