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In an earlier post, I remarked that Crazy Browser was giving me problems & I said that I’ll try Avant Browser to see if it fits the bill.

I tried it for a week but I’d say that its worse than the last time when I tried it. Its seems to be choked full of useless features like skinning etc. while there are hardly any good features that it has. The pop-up blocker is almost useless, it can’t block Scripts/Images/Active-X on a single tab, it blocks for all tabs & even then its not effective. Disabling Images & Scripts has no effect.

But what irritated me to my horror is that it maxed out my CPU everytime it was open for more than 2-3 hours!! Now if I open my browser, it remains opened for atleast 10 hours in a day, on the trot, unless I shut-down the PC for one reason or another. I noticed the CPU maxing out the next day & I closed all heavy duty applications, stopped services but no effect. I closed Avant but it still had a process running, so I had to kill it from the Process List & bingo!!! The CPU usage came down to 2% that very moment. 🙄

Just to be sure, I observed this for another 3-4 days & then I concluded that it is Avant that’s maxing out my CPU. It had to go & I didn’t even blink an eye, it was removed immediately.

If I am to choose between a browser that maxes my CPU and a browser that crashes 3 times in 2 days, I’d choose the latter. Maxing out the CPU!!! Goodness, I have a 2Ghz processor, & the usage barely goes over 50% with me using all apps or watching a DVD. So a single app that reaches 100%, that’s something I’ll stay away from & will advise others to do so as well.

I was using v10.0 Build 165 of Avant Browser. I’d advise extreme caution to those who use it & who are planning to use it.

The developer by the way, doesn’t like to respond if you send him a bug report, or a suggestion, that eMail is as good as being dumped in a trash can. 🙄