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Dad got discharged from the hospital & came back home today, after spending 13 days in hospital, 6 of which were in ICU. 🙂

As per the neuro surgeon Dr.P.Bishnu, he’s much better now than he was when he was taken to the hospital. He’s recovering, but still not in any satisfactory shape, still has trouble balancing himself when sitting & tend to roll-off the bed. 🙁

Now that he’s back home, I’ll be able to resume almost all of my online activities along with blogging on 2 blogs on which I blog, this one & the diGit Blog.

This month has been pretty bad & tough & my office work has also suffered, I’ve tried to give my best there but still haven’t been able to give what I could’ve in normal situation. Still, my boss has been pretty understanding, he’s a sweet guy with a gentle heart!! 😉

Thanks to everyone who’ve expressed their concerns & wished the best for my dad & ofcourse the family/relatives for their continued support.

Lets just hope that everything goes well from now on, I don’t think I’m in shape to take in another catastrophe right now!! 😉