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Blog Business Summit is gonna be held in San Francisco from August 17-19 this year & WordPress is one of the sponsors along with Microsoft, Boeing(Connexion by Boeing) among others!! If you wanna register, you better hurry & you can get a cool discount of $300 for being a WordPress user & if you use this link. Though if I register, I’ll get an additional $100 off as I’ve blogged about the summit & pinged the announcement at WordPress Dev Blog. So you better blog about this summit & trackback/ping the entry at WordPress Dev Blog to get the additional $100 knocked off the registration fees. 😀

This is the place to be for those who are interested in business blogging, the session schedule looks really hot & the speakers look really cool!! 😉

I was surprised to know that WordPress is one of the sponsors of a business blogging event but what really surprised me was that SixApart is not one of the sponsors, given the fact that they’ve been targetting the corporate sector & business blogging actively for quite some time with their blog software MovableType & the blog-hosting service TypePad. I wonder why they missed out on it, it would’ve been a perfect scenario for promoting MovableType, given the fact that Anil Dash, their VP of Business Development is gonna be one of the speakers at the summit. 😉

Now I wish I could go, it would’ve been quite interesting to know about blogging in business!! 😉