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If you think that you are safe in your bed, well, its time to think again, as Leslie Katz writes about a bulletproof bed, on Gadgets Blog at c|net. 😉

The bulletproof bed - Quantum SleeperYes, behold this polycarbonate-plastic-plated bulletproof peril-resistent Quantum Sleeper which is a sleeping safe room for you!! Stocked with gizmos like a cell phone, CB and short-wave radio connections, DVD screens with PC hookups, a microwave and refrigerator, this is not just another bed!! :dizzy: This patent pending bed is airtight & watertight and comes with motion, smoke & other sensors!! Its got a center console with a touch screen control panel that lets you open and close the unit’s doors and operate ventilation, heating & air conditioning and a rebreather system which is activated when the ventilation system is shut off. And ofcourse this thing also has backup power!!

If you are a gadget freak, then this is the gadget for you, but in my opinion, its overdone & is not that useful as its made out to be!! Its bulletproof but that’ll stop only normal bullets. What about full-jackets & armour-piercing bullets that can penetrate bullet proof glasses & plastics? And then, this is not a safe room but a trap for you, since you are dependent on power, if its closed down, you are using the rebreather system which will ofcourse take some power. Now if someone attacks you in bed, excuse the pun, the first thing they’ll do is to cut the power supply to this junk, then you’ll be on backup power which will burn out sooner or later!! And then there ways to cut this contraption, its not fireproof I think, so it can be melted with a flame torch!! And many more ways to just prove this thing to be a waste!! 😉