Cheap Publicity? Sure, why not!!

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  1. I m completly agree with u but I would like to remind u that Vivek was the person who went for Tsunami aid

  2. Vivek was the person who went for Tsunami aid

    so? does that make him a good guy? 😕
    its like you do a murder & then have a dip in river Ganga!! 😉

  3. You have to be dumb to support Salman. In India girls suffer if they open out against powerful males. Keep quiet and get along with life and career was Ash’s credo. She is perfectly innocent here.

  4. I’m not supporting him as I already wrote in my post. All I’m saying is that I’m a firm believer in “Innocent until proven Guilty” & mind you, our law is also supposed to follow that!! But people here tend to differ & would believe anything that creates hype or is publicesed well enough through either newspapers or news channels or both!! 🙄

    The tapes, they were just audio tapes of phone conversation, without the certification of forensic experts confirming their authenticity, so they don’t prove anything, but would people believe? Against Salman, yes, you are just 1 example!! 🙄

    Then there’s the issue of a soft side for the females, why? If a male is charged with some crime & the victim is a female, the male is believed to be guilty without any proof, but if the roles are exchanged & the female is the tormentor of a male, people find it hard to believe even if there is solid evidence supporting the case. Why? Is it natural that the males are ones who are wrong always & females can’t be on wrong side ever?

  5. Ash would be in trouble if she openly took on Salman inspite of ebing Miss world. the male dominated film industry blindly supports Salman, sanjay and other offenders who break law. a girl stands no chance of survival if she fights openly with such males.

  6. yeah, considering that Salman got off after the tapes proved to be a hoax!! 🙄 And I think that its only fair to say that either you say anything you have to say openly or you keep mouth shut, you don’t bitch about it quietly, if you’ve any honour that is, which Ash doesn’t have apparently!!

  7. well, I’m not a fan or something. sure I like some of his movies, but then, I’m not a fan of any actor or actress. I just appreciate what’s worthy & dislike what’s rubbish!! 🙂

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