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There was nothing much for me to do Christmas. Not being from a christian family or neighbourhood, the occasion doesn’t mean much here, and the plans I had to go out with any friends, well, better not think about it!! 😉 So I just called up my buddy Sharafat and we decided to go for a late lunch(none of us had had it & I haven’t eaten anything all day so I was starved) at Karim’s near Jama Masjid. After reaching there at about quarter to six in the evening, we ordered Tandoori Burra and Shammi Kebab with Tandoori Roti and had Kheer Benazir for dessert. 😀

Mutton Burra and Tandoori Roti

Of all the non-veg dishes I’ve tasted, I’ve avoided mutton till yet, I thought it must taste awful & have stuck to just chicken, no matter how much my friends allayed my fears. But having tasted the (mouth watering)mutton delicacies at Hyatt during the Macromedia MAX 2005 earlier this year, I thought it was time I had another bite at it. 😉 Much to my delight, it tasted really yummy, just like any other of Karim’s delicacies!! 😀

After finishing up our late lunch(at 6pm??), we headed to Connaught Place to see some lights!! Though it was a Sunday, but this was the first place we saw after travelling about 18km, that was decorated & gave away the festive spirit. 😀

The Lights at Connaught Place -- Christmas 2005

I snapped some photos of our evening out enjoying our time strolling around the inner circle of Connaught Place, which you can view at my Flickr Gallery. Since flash was of no use as the target objects were all out of range, I switched to night portrait mode to get clear & better shots. Some of pics might appear a bit blurry, but not that much and are quite better than I expected!! 😉

I got back home at 9pm, all exhausted and ready for dinner, time well spent I should say!! 😀