Cordless Headphones?

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  1. But the freedom from cord comes at the expense of the quality of the sound, no? I tried Sennheiser ones, they were okay, but not as good as the cord-waala headphones I was using. But then, I was comparing it against the Bose Triport . Anyway, its fun roaming around the house without bothering about the wire.. 🙂

  2. There is certainly a difference in quality as the sound signals are transmitted in the air & the headphone then catches them. So if you are sitting near the transmission unit, then you’ll get max quality & lowest/shortest blank periods, & as the distance grows between the headphone & the transmission unit, the quality decreases & the blank periods will increase.

    But as I don’t roam about in the house & just sit in front of my PC when listening to music, I haven’t been affected & as I tested these, it was working alright even when I went in adjoining rooms. 😀

  3. thanks for providing information on cordless headphones. I sas thinking of buying a pair and did not know whom to ask the questions and when I searched the web, the first entry was yours. thanks again dear,as I have got answers to all querries that were in my mind.

  4. what do you mean murali? ofcourse it transmits in stereo!! using it for about 1 year, I would know about it, no? 🙄

  5. few days back i got this pair for 475 bucks. My friend had been using these for 2 years without any of the problems. I you are worried about bass , then you need not to.The best thing about these is their ability to provide a lot of it. provide a high output in cordless mode.but does not stereo o/p in the cordless mode noise increases at higher volume but manageable.the cable provided is not of good quality overall worth a lot more than waht i baught them for

  6. What cable was shipped with it? Its cordless with a transmitting device(which you plug in your PC) & the cordless headphones. 😉 Though I’ve not used them for quite a while now, got myself the tried & tested normal (full ear covering)headphones for Rs.150 which give much better sound output than these!! 🙂

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